image Members of BLING would like to give you a sneak-peek at some of the selections we have chosen to introduce our craftsmanship and give you a chance to get to know us better. After you read about our artists Click here to go to the BLING Gallery to see a sample of what is for sale at LEAA Art Centre in Marion

Teresa Boaz: has a unique ability to incorporate metal and stones within her designs. Teresa is currently expanding her skills and taking classes in lapidary methods. We will have to wait till she has more pieces designed before we show her metal work.

Rose Mary Crear: Has a wonderful eye in the selection of stones and beads she uses in her designs. I personally think is what she is noted for in creating the beautiful pieces she has on display.

Bonnie Davis: has a wonderful imagination when she designs and you can see that in her work. She adds so many different elements and textures, that one-of-a-kind is one way to explain her design skills.

Jeri Palmer: has an endless imagination. Her handmade glasswork and wire wrapping are truly unique in everyway, shape and form.

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